The Only Case Interview Course You Need

This comprehensive case interview prep course is designed to get you a prestigious and lucrative job offer at top-tier consulting firm such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain

As a former Bain interviewer and author of two case interview prep books, I have helped over 6,000 students break into consulting.

What to expect: 

  • You will learn the secrets to dominating the most challenging case interviews even if you have no previous case experience and little time to prepare
  • You will save yourself valuable time by learning only the most effective, proven strategies and practicing with the exact types of cases you will see in your interviews
  • You will feel confident and prepared walking into any consulting interview

Take the first step to landing your dream consulting job by giving yourself an unfair edge over the competition.

Course Overview

  • 15 - 25 hours of efficient online learning

    Engage with 53 concise video lessons that consolidate hundreds of hours of knowledge & experience

  • 20 real case interviews

    Hone your case interview skills through 20 full-length cases with detailed solutions and feedback

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    We offer full refunds within 24 hours of purchase if our course does not meet your expectations

Our Students Receive Offers From...



McKinsey Consultant

Hacking the Case Interview is a one-stop-shop for consulting interview preparation. It provided me with the frameworks, strategy, and confidence I needed to receive internship offers from multiple MBB firms.


Bain Offeree

Hacking the Case Interview was hands-down the most effective resource I used. I wish I started using this course earlier in my recruiting process.


MBB Consultant

The online course is fast-paced but easy to follow. It provided me with all of the important skills and techniques I needed to excel at case interviews. The course is a must for aspiring consultants.

Your Instructor

Taylor Warfield is a former Bain consultant, case interviewer, case workshop leader, and author of Hacking the Case Interview and The Ultimate Case Interview Workbook. His books, online course, and coaching have helped 6,000+ students land consulting job offers.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is this course?

    This online crash course is aimed to teach you everything you need to know in the shortest amount of time possible. There are 53 video lessons and 6 hours of video content. If you include the time needed to complete the 20 full-length practice cases and various practice problems, expect about 15-25 hours to complete this course.

  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You will have access to the course for one full year, more than enough time to learn and revisit the lectures, practice problems, and practice cases.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We offer full refunds within 24 hours of purchase if our online course is not helpful to you. If you're still hesitant about purchasing, you can always sign up for a free trial and have access to a variety of free video lessons across different modules.

  • Is this course worth it?

    A first-year consultant out of undergraduate makes up to $120,000 a year in the US while a post-MBA or advanced degree consultant makes up to $200,000. This course improves your case interview performance and likelihood of landing a job offer, thereby increasing your salary, future earning potential, and career trajectory. For less than 0.3% of your potential first-year’s salary, you could completely change your life.

  • How do I know this course works?

    The material in this course has helped over 6,000 students land consulting job offers at top-tier firms such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain.

  • Why should I buy this course over other resources?

    You can easily spend hundreds of hours reading all of the case interview resources on the internet. While I was recruiting for consulting, that is exactly what I did. I created this crash course to consolidate the hundreds of hours I've spent studying case interviews so that you don't have to go through this process. The course covers only the best and most effective strategies for every step of the case interview, saving you many hours in your preparation.