Hacking the Case Interview

For Beginners: Learn effective, proven strategies for every step of the case interview. You'll discover exactly what you need to do and say to crush your consulting case interviews.

  • Understand and become proficient at the nine different parts of a case interview

  • Learn the only framework strategy you need to craft unique and tailored frameworks

  • Gain knowledge of fundamental business terms and principles

  • Acquire the skills to solve any market sizing or quantitative problem
Hacking the Case Interview Book

The Ultimate Case Interview Workbook

For Intermediates: Hone your case interview skills through drills, practice problems, and cases covering frameworks, market sizing, profitability calculations, graphs, brainstorming, and more.

  • 65+ problems tailored towards each type of question in case interviews

  • 15 full-length case interviews based on McKinsey, BCG, and Bain interviews

  • Efficient practice that can be done individually or with a case partner

The Ultim

Hacking the PM Interview

For Aspiring Product Managers: Dominate your PM interviews and land your dream job.

  • Learn how to answer 10+ types of product manager interview questions, such as product design, marketing, estimation, strategy, execution, behavioral, and technical

  • Uncover how to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other candidates competing against you

  • Improve your PM interview skills quickly with the included practice problems and solutions

  • Save yourself hundreds of hours of interview prep time
Hacking the PM Interview