Consulting and Case Interview Articles

Finding Consulting Firms to Apply to

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The 11 Most Prestigious Consulting Firms in the World (2020)

Big Four Accounting Firms: Which is Best for Consulting?

Applying to Consulting Firms

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Preparing for Pre-Screening Tests and Assessments

How to Crush the McKinsey Digital Assessment (2020)

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Preparing for Case Interviews

Case Interview: An Insider Guide by a Bain Interviewer

34 Case Interview Examples from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, & More

Case Interview Preparation: The Best Resources to Use

Market Sizing Questions: Strategies, Examples, and Answers

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MECE Principle: The Ultimate Guide to MECE Frameworks

Issue Trees: The Ultimate Guide with Detailed Examples

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Phone and Video Conference Case Interviews: 20 Tips to Excel

40 Case Interview Tips You Can Start Using Immediately

Best Case Interview Books: Review of 12 Popular Case Books

The Right Clarifying Questions to Ask in a Case Interview

The Ideal Time Needed to Prepare for Case Interviews

What Interviewers Actually Look For in Case Interviews

The Best Way to Practice Case Interviews By Yourself (2020)

A Complete Guide to Consulting First Round Interviews

A Complete Guide to Consulting Final Round Interviews

A Complete Guide to Analyzing Case Interview Graphs & Charts

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Preparing for Other Consulting Interview Questions

50 Consulting Behavioral Interview Questions to Prepare For

McKinsey PEI: Common Questions and How to Answer Them

Why Consulting? 14 Best Answers to Give

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General Articles

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Firm-Specific Articles

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